Water -Toilet Leaks - Report (8/1/2019)

Gallons Monitored


As the water flows, the cost of providing that water is a monthly expense. Stop toilet leaks & implement flood avoidance to save money

Gallons Leaked


As the water leaks, the cost of those leaks are a monthly expense. When you locate the leak, you stop losing money.  

What is your plan?

Toilet Leaking?

Toilet Leak Sensor

Did you know?

20% of Tank-Toilets leak on average 200 gallons per day?

A stuck-open flapper can leak up to 5,000 gallons per day? 

To make matters worse, tenants rarely report toilet leaks...

Our solution monitors your facility to significantly reduce your water losses by delivering real-time notifications of your leaking toilets. 

Flood Avoidance


Crucial Minutes Matter!

Floods happen and they are never planned!

What is your plan to minimize the damage? 

Multi-floor facilities are especially vulnerable for worst case scenarios.

Our solution provides valuable information to enable quick responses resulting in a wet floor scenario versus a flood event with damages.

Real-Time Monitoring 24/7


Have you ever heard about Data Overload? Analysis Paralysis?

It is pretty common in the Age of Technology to have too much data. 

Our solution interprets the data that you have tailored to be relevant and it delivers it in a straightforward visual graph, list or text. So, you know the location of the toilet leaks and you can be prepared with a strong flood avoidance plan. 

When an event needs urgent attention, it notifies the designated team member with the location and urgency of the event. This allows you to head off leaks, floods and stuck-open flappers. 

Financial Sense


You have a great solution; now you have to find the money to pay for it. You are in luck. You are already paying for it, you just don't realize it. 

Most facilities waste a considerable amount of water; the water savings alone provides a Return on Investment (ROI) under 12 months

When you add the financial savings of minimizing unplanned flood events; your organization becomes more efficient and strategic in managing its workforce and maintain a routine maintenance schedule.